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Welcome to: History of the East Naples Civic Association…

Formed more than 68 years ago, but incorporated in 1950, this association has been in continuous existence helping neighbors and residents of our growing communities to resolve issues brought about mostly by growth. Our association acted through petition to government and with public relations efforts when direct intervention was inappropriate. We take great pride in knowing we are the eastern Naples area’s serious and permanent representative.

This section will offer bits and pieces of how this association dealt with issues and helped our communities over ten year periods, hopefully to the beginning of its start in 1950. As time goes by we will add information as we learn more by going through our records and other research.

Ten years ago we were a county in high gear with an annual budget somewhere in the billion dollar range, committed to catching up with failing and insufficient infrastructure resulting from laxity on the part of prior local government which had become entangled in corruption. It became the job of a new commission to bring the county into the 20th century and correct the failures of the past. Our association was a part of that effort.

We stood both with and against government to make sure that property rights were protected and the intent of original development was maintained. When too-energetic infrastructure plans called for radical changes to communities, we stood our ground and aided those communities’ representatives when making their case about loss of privacy, added noise and loss of purpose when the intention was to eliminate beautifully kept medians and replacing them with an additional lane that would change forever the character of that community.

Roads, among the most egregious of the failings, had not been built in many years and the need was growing in leaps and bounds as new development was at its peak. The newly elected county commission committed major resources to this endeavor with the ultimate result that these last ten years has made our county the envy of many for its beautiful medians and ease of movement resulting from the addition of new lanes and new roads.

During this period a beautiful and very large South Regional Library was built much in advance of the original projected date, due mainly to the efforts of the association members and our district one commissioner. Its location resulted from the change of heart of the county manager who wanted to have it built near Countryside, not far from Santa Barbara Road. That change of heart came from our association’s argument that this was not the place for it as we supported the residents of Countryside in their fight to have the new Emergency Services ambulance station situated elsewhere. The choice to have the library built on Cultural Parkway was the correct one according to many residents who now enjoy that amenity.

Also during this period an Emergency Operations Center was built that was seen as the epitome of the desires of the emergency operations people. The center is projected to remain business-efficient and effective for fifty years, as the construction plans anticipated changes throughout the years ahead by allowing space for modifications without requiring the tearing down and rebuilding of the structure. It was intended to be state-of-the-art and according to those who know about these things, it is said to be true.

And as it relates to emergency operations, beset by only one serious hurricane in these last ten years, it was nevertheless a challenge taken and made good by our communities to deal with Hurricane Katrina. They and government cooperated in the removal of tree limbs and fronds, roof materials and torn-apart structures. Members of the association worked directly with government to assist businesses and residents in dealing with how to regain cover after roofs were torn away and to find legitimate contractors who would actually perform repair work at fair prices. Recovery from that disaster was fast and effective and proved the need for a more efficient operation that could be achieved in a new operations center.

Board of Directors 2021

Jacob Winge
Jeff "Santa" Macasevich
Vice President
George Danz
Tom Cannon
Shirley Calhoun
Ted DeGroot
William Douglass
Donna Fiala
John Hooley
Gina Lostracco
Lenore Meurer
Jim Pusatari
Christopher Shucart
Nancy Markham
Director Emeritus

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